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Ariel K.
Richmond, CA
Rosy does my hair here. She is GREAT at doing hair.
She takes her time, doesn't rush the job and is very genuine and honest.
She lightens/highlights my hair/tones/washes/trims it.
It isn't cheap but it ISN'T too expensive AND WORTH IT to go to her and get your hair done...
I look way better then I did and was worked on for HOURS in good conversation and in loving hands.
Rosy is GREAT at cutting hair....Ask for her suggestions or opinion should you need advice...She WONT try to "upsell" or suggest things that cost more, she'll actually give you advice that ONLY a true-good-hairdresser would do, shes AWESOME and legit.
She's hella cool and super fun to work with too.
...My hair looks soooooo good that I lied to my boyfriend and said I paid $100 moreeee than what I was charged to see his reaction and he said it was worth it!! Which was sweet and funny...AND my boyfriend never notices when I used to get my hair done so for him to actually ask and compliment it when I said it was a $100 over what she really charged me IS SUPER SWEET AND WHY YOU TOO SHOULD HAVE HER BE YOUR STYLIST.

Peace out I'm going to go look at my hair in the mirror because its EPIC, thanks Modern Family Hair Salon!!

(Rosy is awesomeeeeeeee)
Noah N.
Berkeley, CA
I found this place because of all the amazing reviews and I have to agree. I went in just needing a haircut but not really knowing how to convey what I wanted and he nailed it. I apparently got lucky while he wasn't very busy and got served right away but he is apparently booked for like a week in advance
Sandy E.
Albany, CA
All I can say is WOW! I absolutely loooove my haircut and I'm the type of person that normally shies away from any salon (call it love of my long hair or intimidation of being pressured to buy tons of product). For the first time in my life, I'm excited to go back in and get another haircut just to see how awesome I can look :) hehe. 

I could go on about this forever, but basically Eric is just fantastic-- he's incredibly skilled at the styling AND the one-on-one communication. Don't book an appointment anywhere else! Also, tip well-- prices are totally affordable.
Jess L.
Berkeley, CA
Thank you Yelpers for steering me to Eric Tran.  I wouldn't have found him otherwise.  And what a remarkable find he is, so talented and kind!

Eric gave me a precision haircut that is stylish, suits my facial bone structure, and falls neatly into place--even in wash-and-go mode.  Eric next gave me the kind of highlights that I've always wanted, but never got before (you know, the kind you see in hairstyle magazines or on celebrities).  Specifically, his choice of colors will enhance your cut and, seemingly, make your hair dance with depth and brightness, and his artful placement of highlights will lend a glow to your face. 

So go see Eric.  He will not disappoint.  But go soon:  from what I can tell, he is getting more popular by the day (good for him and deservedly so; bad for me, but no matter).
Maya N.
Albany, CA
Eric is the best. He knows how to handle my thick hair and gives advice regarding cut and styling without sounding pretentious like some of my previous stylists. So impressed with his work and reasonable prices
Daisy L.
Berkeley, CA
Eric cut my hair today and i was very happy. i've looked everywhere for someone to cut my hair right and finally I founf him! Eric is meticulous, listens to you, and makes a great suggestion as to what cut will look good on you. I will definetely be a regular customer. Thanks, Eric!
Rico B.
San Marcos, CA
guys, give up your commodity $15 solano ave haircut and schedule with Eric for lasting value and style! Best haircut I have had in a decade and it continued to look good over 4 weeks.
David A.
San Francisco, CA
Eric is as good as it gets. He is precise, helpfull and works hard on your hair. Seriously the best haircut for 50 miles around. he IS the BEST.
Marcy M.
Berkeley, CA
Amazing! I trust this man with my hair. Something that is incredably hard to find.
I love his work.
Kristi G.
Albany, CA
I have never had my hair colored before, but after finding a picture in a magazine that I loved, I decided to get my hair highlighted for the summer. I was able to easily schedule an apt. online. I called Eric and asked if there were any earlier appointments, and he said no, not at that time, but then called a couple of days later and said an appointment had opened up, so I switched my appointment to the earlier time. I got there with my pictures, and showed him what I wanted. He kept clarifying and showing me the colors and how he would do my hair, asking if it sounded like what I wanted before he started. I told him I wanted very natural looking highlights with a slight ombre effect. He did just that! I am more than pleased with my hair color!! He was very thorough while cutting my hair, and it looks great! I am very happy about my cut and highlight! I am moving out of the area, but I will definitely make the trip up to come back.
Kyle L.
Clovis, CA
Went on the recommendation of my girlfriend. Eric was great. Booking online was pretty easy (just can't use an iOS device without the app). But I'll definitely be going back.
Mary A.
Glendale, CA
I am not from the area but found myself on an extended business trip (two weeks turned into 3 months!) and desperately needed a cut. What to do???? It is so hard to find a good hairdresser and always nerve wracking. 

Well I tried Yelp and found Eric! He was so helpful and did a wonderful cut. I could not be happier. In fact, I am making an appointment for my next cut with him rather than seeing my regular hairdresser in Southern Cali!  

See you soon Eric!
Ahlexzis S.
Pinole, CA
Love love love this place! Eric is the best hair stylist I've met in years. I've been getting my hair done with him for over 5 yrs. I've followed him from salon to salon didnt matter what city he worked in. It was worth it always. So happy for him that he finally has his own salon. Hes super flexible if your running late to an appt and affordable enough that you could bring the whole family. People always ask me where I get my hair done im like a walking billboard for him lol. I recommend this place if you've never been.  He's great at hair dyes and any haircut. I just bring in a picture and tell him make me look like this and I come out looking better
Julie s.
Berkeley, CA
Had my hair cut a week ago as a first-time customer, Eric seems very knowledgeable about my texture and color.  Next time I will try a color service.  I have a lot of grays, and recently colored my hair red with gold highlights, so my hair is not the easiest color job, but I think Eric knows his stuff.  I switched from my other salon because prices are a bit lower at Modern Family Salon, mostly because you can choose just the cut service-- wash and style are add-ons for additional fee.  I don't know about the color prices, haven't tried it out yet.
Taylor H.
Albany, CA
 I've been going to Eric for years now and I've never been disappointed! I always leave with exactly what I asked for! definitely recommend Eric! he always is up to date with the current hair styles and even fixed my hair from a horrible hair dye! best around!
Barbara B.
Berkeley, CA
 Eric at Modern Family Hair Salon is definitely the best, a true professional, perfectionist, even an artist. He takes time with the customer and has given me the best haircuts and stylings I've ever gotten. His prices are very reasonable. He has my highest recommendation.
Kaliah T.
El Cerrito, CA
 I went to new face awhile ago asking for a trim and ombre. The trim was great but he didn't give me what I showed him. After talking to him about it, he said he would fix it free of charge! He was very nice and understanding and I absolutely love my hair now.
Simma L.
Albany, CA
 I love this place and Eric. I love the way he cut my hair. Eric is very creative and a hair artist. I had tried to color my own hair and made it way too dark. Eric added highlights made the color look beautiful.
It's been a month and I'm still getting compliments on the cut and color. He's also warm, welcoming and fun to work with.
Will O.
For Albany City Council! Albany, CA
I've always been a $10 clipper cut kind of guy, but a friend recommended Eric at Modern Family so I tried it out. Skilled, dedicated, and friendly, everything I look for in service. He is perfectionist, taking his time to get your hair exactly as you like it and up to his standards. He can converse the entire time while remaining laser focused on the haircut. He is master of his craft, and my Bay Area go to for and outstanding haircut at a very reasonable price.
Marie N.
Albany, CA
I needed a quick haircut and style before my office Christmas party. I was able to get in on a Friday night at 6:30pm. Eric did an amazing job. He even showed me how to do a better blowout on my hair and how to give it more body. This is a great location in Albany on San Pablo. It's tidy and looks great inside. I will be going back to get some highlights in the spring for sure.
Helen D. F.
Berkeley, CA
This salon is modern, clean and well maintained.  It's a convenient location for me.  But most importantly, Eric is a superb stylist..  He listens to what you want, and will make suggestions as to what's best for your face, hair condition and texture.   He'll also give you tricks and tips for styling your hair.  At the end, I got what I wanted--a great haircut!  I recommend him highly, and am looking forward to getting highlights from him later on.
Dhanashree B.
El Cerrito, CA
Eric is a gem . Very nice haircut for the price he charges. Listens patiently to what you want. Also gives his suggestions as to what will suit your face . Does his work with all his heart.
As for the salon , it's conveniently located . Parking is free on the street and at most times , you will find a spot close to the salon.
The best part about going to Eric is the convenience of booking his appointments, Its all online - Scheduling , Rescheduling , Canceling .
Overall my experience with Eric has been great. Would definitely recommend him .
Marjorie R.
Downtown Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Just had my haircut done here and it was more than I asked for. Not only did he take his time to make my haircut look fantastic but he knew exactly what he was doing. This is a must go to hair salon, Eric you are great!! I will definitely be coming back!
Janelle B.
Berkeley, CA
I'm not sure how many times I've driven past this place on the way to Solano. I feel so foolish now...this was the best haircut I've ever had!

Here's the rundown: 

'Twas the day before Thanksgiving, and all through the town, I searched for a salon that wouldn't turn me down. "Sorry, we're booked 'til the end of December", which seemed rather odd as it was only November. Eric agreed to an appointment later that night, as I walked into Modern Family, something seemed right. Eric is a gem, I can't rave enough, amongst all other stylists, he's a diamond in the rough.

In other words, every other salon was booked (and were all pretty rude about my last minute call), but Eric arranged for my boyfriend and I to get haircuts that night. My prior haircut was nice, but I ended up paying $75, not entirely worth the price (I won't even get into what I paid for highlights). I was nervous to commit to a salon I knew nothing about...but Eric really nailed the cut. My bangs were perfect, the layer, how my hair framed my face - perfect. It's a difficult feat as I have long, thick hair that will frizz if layered too much. 

My boyfriend is generally terrified of haircuts, but always ends up getting the $13 cuts where they insist on making it too long in the back and brutally short in the front (you get what you pay for). But Eric followed the picture my boyfriend brought exactly. 

I think we only paid $44 for the both of us (though I tipped generously afterwards - Eric deserves it!), fantastic price, and worth much more. I'll be back for a full-color later this month.
Acey F.
Albany, CA
I walked in this place unplanned today and I came out satisfied. 
I'm giving this place 5 stars. The place is very close to where I live, it is clean and well maintained, and has really neat decoration and designs. 
Eric is the best! He did a great job with my haircut and taught me tricks how to style my hair. 
I greatly recommend this place and I will definitely gonna come back. 
Thanks Eric!!
Clare L.
Oakland, CA
 Got my haircut here after my old salon kept raising the prices, I got a great cut and Eric kept perfecting it, making sure all the angles were correct before I left. Not what I was expecting for such a well priced cut. I definitely recommended him to anyone, if you are spending a lot at one of those cushy salons with coffee and massages, just ask yourself if it's really worth it anymore (just pick up a coffee on your way in to this salon, your wallet will thank you). Also he got me in the next day, that has never happened at any other salon I have ever been to.
Ryan M.
Chicago, IL
 I'm not big into writing review but this salon deserves it. I've been trying to find a decent barber since I've moved to California. Every place I used before Modern Family had been sub-par at best. My GF went to Modern Family a few weeks ago and loved it. She recommended that I give this place a shot. Being a man, I had a mental block about going to a salon. I've always been a barber shop kinda guy. Being unable to find a decent barber shop I decided to take the dive. I went in and explained to Eric what I was looking for. 30 minutes later and I left with exactly what I've been looking for. Eric will be the only barber I go to as long as I live in the bay area.

Thank you Eric!
Vannika Y.
Oakland, CA
 Eric is just awesome! A friend recommended me and so far I've been here twice for color and a hair cut - both times I have left happy. The pricing is decent, I've been to the pricier and the less expensive salons but none compare to the quality that Eric does. My hair has been thoroughly damaged/fried by bleaching and coloring from other salons, but I feel confident that with Eric's expertise that my hair will only get better from here on out. Not only does my hair come out the color we discussed, it looks and feels healthier as well. Eric is a great stylist because not only does he listen to what you want, but he is great for suggestions and delivering great results. If you have ever had trust issues with your stylist, I would definately give Eric a try!
Orly G.
Richmond, CA
 I read the reviews and agree whole heartedly with each and every one, really amazing how same is my experience with Eric. I too followed him since December 2009 when prepping for a wedding in Cancun.  Every time an event comes around, Eric is my promise to get a perfect make over at go happy cost.
Geraldine R.
Richmond, CA
 I've been going to Eric since I found him through a friend who works out at the YMCA with me.   I loved her cut and asked who she goes to.  

Eric is extremely talented, very professional, hard working and just the perfect hairstylist as he really listens to what your needs are and he delivers.   I guarantee you will not walk out of the salon disappointed.   

He is definitely my guy for as long as he is in the business !  

Geri R
Tom V.
Richmond, CA
Excellent service from skilled and amazingly hard-working Eric. He always seems able to accommodate my schedule and my wife always falls in love with me again when Eric cuts my hair!
Simona C.
El Sobrante, CA
My hair is baby fine but wavy/frizzy. It is so hard for me to find a stylist that can give me a great cut AND the perfect baby blonde color AND be affordable. I did not think more than one existed. Since moving back to the Bay Area, I looked and tried and was always disappointed. Either the stylist was booked for months in advance or their prices were ridiculously high or my hair didn't look like I had pictured it should.

Now. Fast forward a year and a half of searching.

If you want the PERFECT color, the PERFECT cut and the BEST look of your life, GO SEE ERIC. I mean it. Drop whatever you are doing and call Modern Family Salon. Go! Do it now!
Matt L.
El Cerrito, CA
 Eric is always attentive and listens to his clients about their desired hair. He remembers my haircut type, is prompt courteous and friendly not to mention talented. I have and continue to recommend people to Eric's salon.
Norma I.
American Canyon, CA
(Second Review) 
Eric is awesome!! I recently went in to see him again. I was going to be attending an event where I wanted to make sure I looked fantastic!  I had a color and highlights done a few months ago from another hairstylist that I thought did a good job, but I wasn't 100% in love with my hair. I asked Eric if he could do my highlights again, so I could fall in love with my hair! It hasn't happened since I lost my long time hairstylist and friend, Francisco, to a change in profession! I did LOVE the haircut Eric gave me a couple of months ago, so I thought I would give him a try at highlighting my hair. What a wonderful decision that was on my part! He did a FABULOUS JOB on my highlights, trim and style! I walked out of  his salon feeling like a million bucks! I was sizzling hot! LOL! I loved what he did with my hair and I loved how I felt with the new look! Eric is my new man!! He can cut and color my hair any day!

Eric used the highlights I already had in my hair and blended in some other colored highlights, which some stylists may try to do, but it comes out looking brassy and unnatural.  However, Eric was so brilliant in how he chose the colors and placed the highlights in a very carefully calculated and meticulous way; it all blended well and looked naturally sun-kissed.  I received so many compliments on my hair that I am sure he will be receiving at least 2 or 3 new clients from my personal list of friends this week!

I even had a co-worker that plans on stopping by his shop just because of all my praise.  She has worked with me for several years and she says she has never heard me rant and rave about a hairstylist since I lost Francisco.  She knows how particular and critical I am when it comes to my hair and she thought that every time I would come from a new salon, I would return not completely satisfied. She was also shocked at how reasonable I told her that Eric was about what he charges. She was in awe when I told her that he charges $25 for a haircut.  She never imagined that I would see a $25 cut stylist. She was so use to me checking out so many highly acclaimed, highly publicized, and highly expensive salons, only to feel duped and disappointed afterwards. She says she is definitely going to stop by Eric's salon.

I think everyone should go check out Eric! And with the Yelp deal in place right now, what a bargain! But wait! What if he gets to be too popular! Hmmmmmm????? Hopefully, he & I will become as tight as I was with Francisco and he will always fit me in and give me the favorite client discount! LOL!! I am so pleased at finding this salon! Some hair stylists are just born to cut and color and make a person feel beautiful! Eric is definitely one of those stylists!
(First Review)
* * * * * (FIVE STARS) 2013-05-30 
Can I just tell you how much I love my haircut!!!  I LOVE my new dew!! Eric is my guy too!! I've been moving from salon to salon, ever since my lifelong hairstylist, Francisco, decided to retire from cutting hair and changed careers. He was my stylist for over 17 years!!! I recently got turned on to Kenny, in Vallejo, at Kenny Le Salon. He is really cool! I had some color and highlights put in by him, just a few months ago.  But I was attending a dinner party Friday night and I was arriving in my brand new Mercedes SLK350.  I wanted a new, fresh look to match the new, fresh car! LOL! I knew I would not be able to get to see Kenny in time.  It was Friday night and traffic was a nightmare! So of course, I trusted my fellow Yelpers to direct me to the right person!  Wow! What great luck that I stumbled unto Eric!!  Can I say it again!!! I LOVE my hair!  

I have ultra fine, long, straight, asian hair. I have done everything imaginable to my hair to try to make it look thicker and stronger, but every time I have had a stylist cut my hair, I end up pulling it back in a ponytail, so it doesn't look so straggly and limp. The only true hairstylist that could cut it correctly and make me look amazing was my stylist, Francisco. I followed him everywhere! He moved to New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and finally came back to San Francisco. I went to where ever he went! Now I have Eric! Eric is incredible! Wherever he goes, I will follow!  I can not  give this man too much praise because he is that amazing!!  This is the first time I have felt this way since Francisco!

I walked into the salon, feeling very skeptical. I don't know what you may think, but I felt that the name of the salon, itself, was a bit of a turn off.  "Modern Family Hair Salon"? Doesn't that sound like a place you would find in the mall? You know...with new stylists, straight out of cosmetology school, who are working at their first hair salon. Not that all new stylist are terrible, but they do definitely lack the experience.  Well, thank goodness I did not let that first thought turn me away! 

The decor of the salon is very modern and upbeat!! It has the look and feel of a high end salon that you would find in the City.  There is very little seating for a wait area, but then again, he is the only stylist at his salon, so there should be very little waiting time anyways! I did have to wait a bit because I didn't have an appointment, but I did call earlier to let him know I was coming.  I planned to stop by on my way home, if only to see where he was located.  Eric seemed very accommodating.  He told me that he had two clients ahead of me, but if I could wait, he would see me.  I almost chickened out and left, until the two clients, as well as two other teenage girls that were waiting for their friend to get done, all chimed in with, "He is worth the wait!"  "You won't want to leave." "If I were you, I would stay!" "You won't regret it!"  Geesh!! You would have thought he was some celebrity stylist! His clients were all ranting and raving about how fantastic he was and letting me know that I would be a fool to leave. So I waited... And Boy! I sure am glad that I did!  He did a remarkable job! First, he discussed it over with me before he started cutting my hair.  I told him the look I was going for. He told me what he thought would work with my fine hair and my round face. We both were on the same page. And then he got started. Eric took his time.  He was very precise with his cut.  I didn't feel at all rushed.  I felt that he really wanted my hair to look as good as I did!  I was more than pleased with the end result! I was ecstatic!

Eric came outside with me, after I told him about how I wanted to look as incredible as I felt in my new car! I put the top down, pulled out my sunglasses, and was ready to roll with my new haircut! I felt amazing!

If you are looking for a new stylist in the East Bay, I can not recommend anyone as highly as I recommend Eric!  I trust him with my hair. He loves what he does and it shows in his cuts!  Everyone I encountered over this past weekend and during the work week has complimented me on my new look! I love it! Eric, you are the BEST!
Lyle P.
El Cerrito, CA
I found Eric a couple of years ago by chance at another salon when I walked in. I had just moved to the east bay. I'm very picky but he cut my hair perfectly the first time and every time since. He is very professional and pays attention to detail. He just happens to be a very nice person as well, so naturally I followed him to his own place when he opened. Highly recommended!
Anna A.
Albany, CA
After reading the Yelp reviews on Eric's salon, I had to try it out, and I was not disappointed.  The salon was clean, modern, and Eric was professional and friendly.  He cut my hair exactly how I asked for it, and I will most definitely be back. 
Mari B.
Berkeley, CA
After watching my boyfriend and his family come back from this salon looking amazing, I decided to give Modern Family Hair Salon a shot. I have never been any happier with a haircut from any other salon than with the cuts I get from here. I vowed to never let anyone touch my hair except for Eric. He is very passionate about what he does and puts a lot of forethought into your cut.

I have gotten two different style cuts from him. The first was a layered a-line, and the second was a trim with the addition of bangs. They both looked really great and worked well with my facial structure.

What I like most about him is that he is very honest in his opinion about your do, while still maintaining a gracious and professional demeanor. He also has had plenty of experience and knows hair like nobody I have ever met. He will sit and talk with you about your options and will give you great advice and suggestions.  I, being no hair expert, have learned a lot about my hair and the many styles I never thought I could pull off.

My boyfriend and his family have followed Eric from salon to salon, and now I understand why. Simply put: Eric is magic.
Ms Radha M.
El Cerrito, CA
 Eric did a *fantastic* job cutting my hair and then straightening it for my wedding reception. I got compliments all night. I'm so happy I found a go-to salon in my neighborhood. His prices are super reasonable too.
Abiud A.
Albany, CA
 Eric has always done a great job for me.  His prices are very, very good and he is a professional.
Sarah P.
Albany, CA
 Eric is awesome. Very professional and great at cuts and color!
Sarah P.
Albany, CA
 Eric is awesome. Very professional and great at cuts and color!
Yvette M.
Berkeley, CA
 Eric really knows his stuff. He is a wonder with color. It comes out very natural. He listens to what you want and is able to make the best of your hair. I have followed him from salon to salon as he moved up to his own place. His cuts are also excellent. My hair is fine and hard to manage. Again he really listens to what I want. When I say take a little off he does it. When I want something new he knows just what to do. Thanks Eric.
Adam H.
Martinez, CA
My lovely partner recently got her her hair done at Modern Family Hair Salon.  She came home with some FIERCE bangs, and a story of a stylist named Eric who saw the bangs in his mind's eye and made it manifest.  I've been looking for someone for a few years who would be willing to not just cut my hair, but help me figure out what the hell I should do with it.  Eric is my man!  

He showed me a lot of patience and attentiveness as I explained my (rather precarious) hair situation.  After listening carefully for a few minutes he pulled up on his tablet some PERFECT pictures of what I was asking for, even when I didn't know myself!  By the way, the tablet is a really nice touch that I wish more places would use.  

In terms of the cut itself, Eric showed the same level of patience and attention to detail I was looking for.  In the end he helped show me how to try various styles, and set me up for any occasion.  And his prices are totally reasonable!  No more supercuts for me.  I highly recommend checking out this place, you won't be disappointed!
Hugo O.
Vacouver, WA
 My request was simple. "I want it short on the sides, long enough to part it to the side on top, but short enough to tease it up when I want to." Eric nailed it. He is very skilled as my hair can be a challenge. A really good haircut at a reasonable price.  The location is new, clean, and convenient. Exactly what I was looking for.
Kil-Young Y.
Oakland, CA
 Eric is truly talented at what he does!  I'm a super picky person when it comes to letting someone new cut my hair.  I watched Eric cut 2 clients hair before I let him touch mine.  I was super impressed at his patience, attentiveness, and skills in which he masterfully displayed.  I was thinking about a new look and asked his opinion on how he thought it would look on me, and he honestly and confidently said it wouldn't be a good fit.  He saved me the embarrassment and horror of a bad looking style.  After cutting my hair, I was so happy and will continue coming back and referring people to him.  For those of you who are new to him, fear not!!!
Courtney B.
El Cerrito, CA
I had yet to find a spot to get my hair cut since moving to the bay 4 years ago and I am happy to have found one now.  Eric is friendly, professional and I am so pleased to have found his lovely little hair oasis! I will keep going back!
K S.
Los Angeles, CA
 Eric is my guy!! I've been a lifelong California resident and, unfortunately, a lifelong receiver of bad haircuts and color due to having fine/thin hair and picking poor stylists. When I'd find a shop I'd like, they'd be too expensive. When they weren't expensive, the color was awful. I usually end up pulling my hair back into a ponytail until it needed to be chopped again. I'm serious when I say that I rarely put my hair down even once in a couple years.

I went to Eric last minute because I was about to go on vacation. He was open Sunday and greeted me by name when I walked in. I described to him what I wanted and he got to work. I have medium, brown hair and usually go to a medium blonde. Eric was able to do that easily and have it look amazing. Then we got to the cut. I usually just tell the hair stylist, "shoulder length, layered in front, I'll pull it up." Eric started my request...then paused and started picking up sections of my hair... and then suggested bangs. I never thought to go the bang route because my hair is really fine and thin, and my husband hates the look of bangs. However, Eric suggested that this might add a little more style and promised that if I didn't like it, he could fix it. I was scared, but let him do it. He added some sleek, eyelash grazing bangs that completely transformed my hair. He then spent at least a half hour discussing the different ways I could style my hair and showing me how to get a fuller look. The man is amazing. I loved it!! Even the husband loved it!

When I returned to work, my co-workers barely recognized me. EVERYONE had compliments and for the first time ever...I felt good about my hair. Five weeks later, it still looks good. I've booked my next appointment with him for a touch-up and have not put my hair into the dreaded ponytail even once in that last five weeks. Eric is a master at not only giving you what you want, but knowing your hair and getting it to look amazing. My only minus: I wish he would move closer to my location!! :) He's two hours away, but he's worth every minute of the drive!
Pamela K.
El Cerrito, CA
 I was referred to Eric by my neighbor/friend.
Eric Is amazing he colored and trimmed my hair and I looked and felt great afterwards.
His prices are reasonable and he is very detailed oriented. He had to clean up a bad haircut from a previous stylist.
My hair still looks great one month later, I will defiantly be going back to him as well as telling all of my friends about him.
Carinne M.
San Francisco, CA
 If you want a great haircut in a lovely environment for a great price - this is where to come.  I had a wonderful experience at this salon.  I got a superb cut for $25!! That is unbeatable.  The owner is friendly and the salon is comfortable. I highly recommend.
Edward J.
Edward J. Pacifica, CA
 Erik is great the service is amazing my two sons and I would not go anywhere but Modern Family for our haircuts
Ari A.
Pittsburg, CA
 This was my first time to visit Eric in his new shop.  Wow, what a neat, clean, and modern shop.  I arrived early for my appointment and he took care of me right away. He gave a great haircut!  And he is very personable and professional.  I was given a chocolate candy as I left. That was a great ending to a great cut. 

I will see you again in a few weeks.
Ali S.
Albany, CA
 This is a new hair salon and I decided to give it a try.  Eric the owner greeted me and seated me at a comfortable chair with a full-length mirror, there was no counter in front of you.  The styling tools were all concealed in drawers to the side of the mirror, the hairdryer fit into a holder by the wall, and there was a good looking hook on the other side so you could hang your handbag where you could see it.  The walls were white with black accents and 2 lovely paintings, the dark floors were spotless.  The entire space was calm and soothing.  

Eric recommended the coloring to use and explained the low lights he was going to add.  He does the best wash, massaging the scalp till I almost dozed off.  The coloring came out excellent, just right for my pale skin.  Since I have recently let my hair grow long, instead of the good old ponytail, Eric patiently showed me several ways to pin, twist and clip my hair into chic styles.  And he is not like some hairstylist who chatter non-stop.  I was very pleased with the experience.
Sima M.
Berkeley, CA
 Great hair cuts for my teenage sons, nice people, lovely space, and very reasonable price.  We will be back!
Giancarlo C.
Berkeley, CA
Eric is terrific! I consistently get the best cuts I've ever had. True, I am now a balding man who thought not much could be done with what I have in way of hair, but Eric has managed to make look my hair look as though a cut for a balding man really matters returning style and fun to my head. And he is a really great guy as well!
Patricia C.
Albany, CA
 I've been going to Eric for over a year now and happily followed him to his new salon. He does a thorough, careful job.  It comes out looking great for less than half the price of the salon I used to go to! He just opened his own shop late last year, so go support this enterprising young business man!
Carol S.
Berkeley, CA
 Eric has been cutting my hair for years.  I have followed him from salon to salon, and now I'm pleased to report that he's opened his own salon--a chic and modern space!

He delivers precision, contemporary haircuts and color at an extremely reasonable price point.  More importantly, he shows me how to style my hair and what product to use so that my hair always looks as good as when I first walk out of his salon.

I recommend you call for an appointment today--you'll never want to use any other salon's services again!
Britt T.
Albany, CA
 Just got my first cut here. Eric did a wash great razor cut on my short, layered hair, all for $25. I took about 45 minutes (because of the attention to detail, not because he's slow). I feel bad paying so little for a good cut!  He's only been open a few weeks so it seemed pretty slow - I hope more people learn about this place so that he gets enough business to keep it open!
Heidi D.
Citrus Heights, CA
 I am so proud of Eric having his own salon its about time.   he is an excellent up to date stylist and I am sure you will be happy with his services.  He is one of the most professional stylist I know have have been glad to work with him.  Good job Eric and best of luck!!!!!
Michele k.
El Cerrito, CA
 I'm so happy Eric has opened his own salon! He has been coloring my hair for years! and everytime, the color turns out PERFECT! He is very personable and has a great sense of humor. I was just there today to get my hair colored.His new place is great! Very relaxing, clean and welcoming. I HIGHLY recommend you call Eric for your next appoinment!
William H.
Berkeley, CA
 I am so pleased that Eric has opened his own salon.  I have been going to Eric for several years, and an extremely satisfied customer! Eric always knows how to perfectly cut and style my hair.  He also has a very sweet manner and is very personable.  He has a great sense of humor, too, and it makes the time just fly by.  Just had the chance to visit the new salon - it is really lovely.  Great style, modern yet warm, spotless.  I highly recommend Eric AND his beautiful salon.
Denise L.
Richmond, CA
 I am so happy for Eric getting his own place. This will be the third place I am following him to and I would guess the last since it is HIS!.  He has been doing my hair for a few years now and I always leave happy. Eric is a very nice and kind man. He has many skills for all types of hair and styles. Love you Eric :)
Jeffrey L.
El Cerrito, CA
Eric is amazing. He is fun, knowledgeable and flexible.  I too have searched all over the east bay to find a good stylist. It took awhile, but once I found Eric, I was hooked. I have been going to him for about four years now. He is just simply the best. Try him out, you will not be disappointed!